Our experienced consultants will work with you to prepare your business case for additional finance. We will help maximise your prospects of success.

We understand how banks and other sources of finance look at opportunities and the language they want to hear

We understand how to deliver the proposal with the gravitas required to secure the finance you are seeking.

At its simplest our service is guidance on how to phrase your proposition to best match the language requirements of potential funding providers.

With more challenging situations our consultants will work with you to identify the key drivers of the business and help you reshape the business into a form that will attract funding. This is always done in a way that reflects the essence of your business as it is now but normally results in a sharper focus that supports raising the finance required.

Occasionally the “Shaping Up” process leads to the discovery that the business can fund the opportunity itself, without recourse to external finance.


We offer all our clients a true ‘one stop shop’ facility, our core competence is to provide you a fully managed and professional service to secure the most competitive funding offer available from the entire market.

In addition we can, if required, organise any property valuations, insurances and legal support necessary to complete the transaction. We will fully package and submit the lending proposal to ensure your funding application is processed quickly and efficiently with funds available in the shortest possible time.

Whatever your Commercial Funding requirement we offer you a free, impartial and totally confidential initial consultation and we will quickly assess the funding options available to you.